A Return to Listening

light under waterTomorrow is the first day of my birth month, and also the day I will embark on 40 days of Listening as I complete my 40th year. When we come into this world, we cannot speak. We can only express our needs through the most primal of means… crying, smiling, nursing, nestling, hugging, sleep. And most of the time – simply listening, watching, learning. As babies, we embody pure self-expression, observation, love, and compassion in one.

We begin to recognize ourselves as individuals so very gradually after our emergence from the One, the Source. In the meantime, we tune in so absolutely to the energy around us, as we still understand ourselves as part of that Source, One with everything around us. We relate to ourselves as part of the whole – and especially that which nurtures us. Continue reading

What I Learned on 9/11

LighthouseI originally posted this to my personal Facebook page yesterday evening, September 11th. Preserving and sharing it here as a reminder of that day:

14 years ago this night, I lit prayer candles on my street corner in Arlington, Virginia, mere blocks from the Pentagon, in vigil for the memory of those lost in the tragic events of 9/11. Earlier that day, after being wakened by the sound of a plane immediately overhead followed by quakes in the ground that shook the building and left cracks in my walls, I rushed outside to witness a thundering plume of smoke that lasted for hours and hours. Continue reading