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Samadhi Studio

I’m Samadhi – yogi, artiste, mom, and all-around DIY gal. Ever since I can remember, I have loved creating… whether a piece of art, something craftsy, or simply rearranging a room, it’s a passion and a pleasure – and one that I am excited to share.

My family embraces a natural, holistic lifestyle – and saving money helps, too.  Our home is filled with equal parts peacefulness and chaos, and that’s probably how it’s supposed to be.

I also teach Kundalini yoga and meditation, and have been a life-long student of Buddhism and Eastern spiritual philosophy. Mindfulness, compassion, and conservation of resources are important ways to bring this into the day to day – and to recognize that everything around us is filled with inspiration, and that all of our actions carry an intention.

We eat a vegetarian diet, upcycle, and recycle as much as our imaginations and time will allow.  We also grow and make as much ourselves as possible with a pretty basic skill set.  We appreciate beauty, nature, simplicity, and just be-ing, most of all.

Every day, whether developing new ways to grill up tasty tofu, figuring out how to shabby-chic a dining set with items on hand, or simply observing the wonders of nature, it’s always an adventure, and ever-changing.  Join me here to live, learn, and grow into a light-filled, joyful life!

Love and light,

Samadhi ✷


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