A Return to Listening

light under waterTomorrow is the first day of my birth month, and also the day I will embark on 40 days of Listening as I complete my 40th year. When we come into this world, we cannot speak. We can only express our needs through the most primal of means… crying, smiling, nursing, nestling, hugging, sleep. And most of the time – simply listening, watching, learning. As babies, we embody pure self-expression, observation, love, and compassion in one.

We begin to recognize ourselves as individuals so very gradually after our emergence from the One, the Source. In the meantime, we tune in so absolutely to the energy around us, as we still understand ourselves as part of that Source, One with everything around us. We relate to ourselves as part of the whole – and especially that which nurtures us.

As we grow and learn, we become progressively more sophisticated, and complicated – talking, sharing, hiding, persuading, manifesting, loving, “liking,” hating, manipulating, influencing, supporting, in ways large and small…. We’re sure to make our mark, and we’re sure to be heard, one way or another. And through all of this communication and getting our points across, we lose that pure sense of how we came in, who or what we are at the root, what we actually need or don’t need, our Oneness, our humanity and our Spirit.

We become removed from those primal instincts to tune in, to sense, to listen… to more truly and objectively observe and understand our surroundings, the energy and beings in it, and how we can most purely express our own needs yet still be compassionate, loving, innocent.

In listening, we tap into the Light of things, we connect again with Source. We may even find purpose and see how we might best serve the highest good, how to respond without selfishness or malice, in this temporary yet needful package we have that is so unique to each of us as individuals – yet so much the same across all creatures.

If you are so inclined, I would love for you to join me now in beginning a period of Listening. To simply observe, learn, and become comfortable just taking it all in, without pushing an agenda or comparing. To see what is revealed, what is resolved, what is nurturing, what takes away, what does or does not serve, how you, in your pure and Light presence, can help.

Love and light,

Samadhi ✷

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