3 Steps to Super Cute Storage: Adding Rustic Style to Glass Jars in Just 2 Minutes

Ribbon Jars 3 FinalMy mantra over the last few years has been “Simplify.” Each time the New Year rolls around, I renew my dedication to this principle – and this year is no exception.  This journey is very much a work in progress, though the more I get down this road, the more I realize that the key to simplifying successfully is to find just a few things that work in my home and life for a number of different purposes.

Using up and whittling down the excess starts to get more clear and a whole lot easier this way. As I identify the hard-core multi-taskers of daily life, it’s helping me have to manage less, buy less, and be able to do the things I enjoy a lot more.  This concept seems to apply well across the board, whether it’s wardrobe, cleaning products, cooking ingredients, or what have you.  I’ve found that one of the most effective tools to rise to the top of my utility scale are glass jars.  I use them for organizing and storing just about everything – from dry goods, freezer meals, homemade yogurt, leftovers and such in the kitchen, to cotton balls, elastics, and swabs in the bathroom, pens, pencils, and paintbrushes on our desks, and the list goes on.

They do the job and they do it well – and when I don’t need an item anymore or it runs out, the jar can easily be cleaned, even sterilized, for another use.  In some areas, though, I want a little more style than just a simple see-through jar.

I was staring at some spools of burlap ribbon this morning and thought, why not? I’ll grab some glue and slap some ribbon on these babies and see how it looks. And who knew, it would take only about 2 minutes to beautify 3 of my sewing supply jars… and now I’ve got a whole lot of cuteness goin’ on!

I grabbed a couple jars, a few embellishments, and a bit of ol’ fashioned Elmer’s white school glue.  You can also use spray adhesive, though glue may have more staying power on fabric.

This project is especially ideal for jars that still have some residue or old stickers that won’t come off easily, since who really wants to take the time, energy, or even chemicals it would require to remove that stuff… or waste a perfectly good glass jar.

Here’s an example of a jar I just couldn’t get the labels off of, so I wasn’t really using it… and the pretty new result:

Ribbon Jars Ruffled Burlap BeforeRibbon Jars Ruffled Burlap








Just be sure to choose an opaque, thicker style of ribbon, such as burlap or linen, to cover up any markings or lumpiness.  If using wired ribbon, just pull the wire out beforehand so you have smooth, flexible material to wrap your jar.

Once decorated, these will be “dry” jars that can’t be washed like a dish anymore, so bear in mind for your use – just plan to wipe them out with a cloth as needed.

3 Steps to Super Cute Storage Jars

Supplies Needed:  Glass jar(s), ribbon, scissors, glue.

  1. Ribbon Jars Flat Linen BeforeCut a piece of ribbon to size by wrapping around your jar with just a smidgen of overlap.
  2. Apply glue in a thin layer to your jar with your finger or a foam brush (or spray adhesive to the jar), and wrap the ribbon around the middle of the jar.
  3. Smooth and press the ribbon into place as desired. Allow to dry.


Ribbon Jars Flat LinenVoila! That’s all there is to it.  Very simple and a big improvement, adding a sweet touch of rustic cottage style to my craft room.

My look here is pretty simple, though you can certainly add more embellishment to decorate your jars or prepare them for gifting, such as buttons, bows, or little bits of epherema, though this quick version is perfect for storing my pins and buttons, and I don’t have to worry about messing them up. ;)

For another look that coordinates and keeps the jars from looking too similar, I took a simple wood ornament and just tied it to the lip of this jelly jar with jute string.

About 10 seconds to make… and quite possibly my favorite:

Ribbon Jars Star Ornament







Would love to see your crafty jars and ideas, too – please share!

Love and light,

Samadhi ✷

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