Front Door Redoux … And A Giant Lion’s Head

Front Door BeforeEver since we moved into our house, I have wanted to re-paint the front door.  More importantly, I was eager to replace the door knocker, which was personalized with the last name of the original owners – who owned the house before the people we bought it from – and who  themselves were here several years. Like many things in the home, most elements of the decor (down to the lightbulbs… ;) were left as-is since those original owners before, so there has been MUCH updating to do.  The energy of this house needed to be refreshed, STAT – starting here!

The big question, of course, was… what color??  The choices are endless when it comes to paint… and it’s meaningful when it comes to your front door.  In Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, and other spiritual philosophies of architecture and design, the front door, indeed, has a lot to say about the energy of the home for both visitors and inhabitants.

Our house has a lot of exterior elements – and colors… white siding, red brick, reddish-brown shingles, brass hardware, green shutters and doors, and even some river rock stonework off to the side.  This is a lot to take in when weighing the whole picture, and figuring out how to make this crucial element pop.

As you can see here, the front door “Before” is just swallowed up… you can barely find it on first glance. (Don’t mind the deflated witch hanging there… she was awaiting Halloween clean-up. LOL)

Frotn Door Before House

I wanted a front door that would be complementary to all of the elements here, as well as interesting and inviting, and that would help to tie things together so things would just look more polished, in general.  I trolled the hardware stores for paint chips and drove through neighborhoods filled with colorful Victorian homes looking for inspiration.

Front Door After Lions HeadBefore I could decide, I found a giant lion’s head door knocker that I knew belonged here somehow.  This was going into the grand plan, one way or another – and at about 8 inches square plus the knocker ring, it’s the epitome of a statement piece.  It was most likely designed to be simply decorative, on a garden wall or some such use, though I love unexpected, unlikely touches that add some drama and even irony to a space – inside or outdoors.

On our daily drive to school, the stop light kept placing us right in front of a cute little white house with green shutters like ours and a lovely yellow-green door.  This was it!  Yellow would add the brightness and a welcoming greeting to visitors, especially under our shadowy porch.

I happened to have a sample pot of Valspar Desert Hot Springs paint in my supply bin, and realized it was exactly the right shade.  Light and bright, with a slight greenish tint to complement the green shutters and tie things together – just as I was envisioning.   Off to Lowe’s I went, where the salesman talked me into a gallon after I realized this color would be a great refresh for all the exterior doors, and even the shed door eventually (and who knows, maybe an interior door or two to match those yellow Moravian stars I painted  in the first floor hallway).

Our door faces Southeast, which in Feng Shui, symbolizes Earth and Water, as well as peace and prosperity.  Light yellow is considered an appropriate supporting color for these elements, and helps draw in good fortune. The lion represents strength, courage, and protection, which is a strong symbol for the front door – and is also associated with water, interestingly.  Not to mention, I’m a Leo sun sign… it all makes sense.  ;)

We’ve had some nice Fall weather, so before it got too cold, I set to work and got it done in an afternoon.  With two coats, it took me about 3 1/2 hours total, including cleaning, taping off the handles, and sanding very lightly to make sure my paint would adhere – and also because I didn’t really feel like taking the extra step to prime.  I also removed that old door knocker.

In addition to the front door itself, we have an accent panel with a window next to the door, so even including that area, it still took less time than I expected.  Whenever I complete a project like this, I always wonder what took me so long to get around to it – a great reminder not to procrastinate!!  But I digress…

Front Door After PorchOnce the yellow was painted, I gave it overnight to set, and attached the giant lion’s head the next morning. I used some neat antique copper nails that I found at the town’s antique shop.   And voila – a whole new look in (almost) an instant!  It really feels like the energy of the house has been refreshed, just with this simple change.

I’m still looking for a strike plate, or something I can use or make, for the door knocker ring to bang against in order to truly finish it off.  In the meantime, I’m in love with the color and overall lively, exaggerated feel of this big lion on a regular-sized door.  A bit of funky is always fun. ;)  And look how much more the door pops now “After,” even with shadow from the porch:

Front Door After House

What color is your front door?  What kind of statement are you making – or do you want to make?  Would love to hear about your front door daydreams and inspirations!

Love and light,

Samadhi ✷