Quick & Easy Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath Final w OwlAs Fall has descended upon us these past few weeks, beautiful autumn wreaths are everywhere to spruce up homes for the season.  However, my taste is pretty simple, and even on the most basic of wreaths, I have not been admiring the price tags starting around $40 and up – and that’s even at my favorite discount stores.  So I began to wonder if I could create a cute Fall wreath with a few basic supplies and  the stash of craft goodies I have around the house.

I’m all about making cute, crafty things that don’t require a lot of fuss and muss.  If it’s not quick, and it’s not easy (and cheap ;), you won’t find it here.   And if I can save a trip by using things I already have, then all the better!

Fall Wreath IngredientsOver the weekend, I was at my new favorite home improvement store, Menards, to grab a few
items, and came across the perfect start for this project.  A straw wreath ($4), burlap ribbon ($4), and some paper pumpkin doodads (they also had cute little red apples… $4).  I love natural materials and textures along with subtle, soothing colors for the home.  I believe home should be a calming sanctuary for the family and visitors to experience, and make you say “Ahhh!” as soon as you step in the door… and in this case, have the door in sight!

Fall Wreath PlainUsing the burlap ribbon, I wrapped the straw wreath in a twisting, irregular fashion to provide some volume and exaggerate the natural texture of the material, tying with a simple bow to finish.  I broke off the sticks of the pumpkins to just a few inches, and stuck them into the straw in a fashion I liked- easy peasy!

I really love this simple, plain burlap look with just the pumpkins for accent… it’s soothing to my eye and sensibilities for ease and peacefulness.  However, I suppose I had in mind a bit more color and festiveness for this particular project, so I decided to dig into my craft bins and see what kind of harvest colors and decorative items I could add to spice it up a bit.
Out came a scrap of brown satiny fabric, a couple different rolls of lace ribbon, and a few satin ribbons in various autumn leafy shades.   My new pinking shears were a must – my current craft pride and joy, btw – oh how I love them and the vintage cuteness they create!  After experimenting a little, I chose a few to work with, and began wrapping, twisting, and tying away the night. Fall Wreath Finished

First, I wrapped a few feet of lace ribbon over the burlap. Then for color, added a banded, textured orange ribbon around the wreath, loosely alternating between the lace.   I cut the brown fabric into strips and tied it into little bows every so often.  It was still missing something, though – and I wanted to keep it simple with a homey, natural feel, and just a bit of flair.

For a final bit of color, I grabbed a thin green ribbon, and tied it with slipknots here and there, letting the ends hang freely.  The different kinds of ties seemed to give it a natural variation that I liked, and upped the texture and interest without too much fussiness.

As the finishing touch, I added this little owl I found at Dollar Tree, which has a section of craft supplies and other goodies that can be used creatively for craft projects.  What a find! He’s found the perfect perch here, and I’m sure I’ll look forward to seeing this cutie each year. :)

Fall Wreath Front Door

And voila!  It’s just what I had in mind and was so much fun to make.  All said and done, this took about 40 minutes total, including digging through my supplies, and cost just $13 in new materials. Everything else was already on hand, and seemed to have been waiting for just this project.

I’d love to hear about your latest projects, too!  What crafty ideas do you have for Fall decor?  What materials are you planning to get creative with for the season?


Love and light,

Samadhi ✸



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