Easiest Thing Ever: Homemade Coffee Creamer

Homemade Coffee Creamer Ball JarWhen I first heard about making your own coffee creamer (beyond plain ol’ half and half ;), I figured it would be complicated and possibly time-consuming. Turns out, it is literally one of the quickest, easiest things you can make at home – and one of the healthiest switches from an otherwise highly processed, preservative-laden product.   Not to mention, the homemade version is just SUPER delicious!!!  You’ll never go back to that store stuff once you try this.

So here goes- let’s do this thing.

Easy Peasy Super Tasty Homemade Coffee Creamer


1 small can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk  (only contains milk + sugar)

1 cup your choice of non-dairy milk or whole milk

1 Tbsp vanilla bean paste (make your own or try Nielsen Massey – delish!!)


Pour the ingredients into a Ball jar or other container.  Shake it, don’t break it, baby!


How’s that for simple?  Now taste it… mmmmm good!!!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.Homemade Coffee Creamer with Recipe Tag

This homemade creamer makes a great gift, too.  Attach a recipe tag to it, and your friends will be thanking you for a long time to come!

What other recipes do you have for homemade creamer?  And what dance moves do you think work best to help shake it up?  Feel free to post your videos. ;)

Love and light,

Samadhi ✸

2 thoughts on “Easiest Thing Ever: Homemade Coffee Creamer

  1. Robin says:

    Sounds delish. This time of year pumpkin spice would be a fantastic add-in. I would prefer a sugar free creamer. Do you think plain condensed milk would work too? Adding stevia perhaps, to sweeten?

    • Samadhi says:

      Great idea!! Yep, you could totally do it with the plain condensed milk – the main factor with this ingredient is the syrupy consistency that makes it similar to the store-bought creamer, thicker and smoother than half and half, and can hold some flavor. Add in your stevia to the creamer blend, or straight to your coffee, and then you’ve got your sweet! You could use the coffee-style syrups (sugar free) for flavor. NOMMMmmMMmmmMMm. Let me know how it turns out!

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