Inspiring Light

cropped-Stars-jar-e14390884354205.jpgThe inspiration for this site is just that… inspiration! The light in every day, the light in each of us, and the light of all Creation constantly creating!  Here, my humble home projects are how that manifests – and in my work outside the home, it’s in teaching yoga, meditation, and spirituality, among other healing techniques.

There’s a lot of intersection – though sometimes it may not seem so, if you boil it down to simply whipping up a batch of homemade detergent or shabbying up a cabinet. ;)  Though if there’s one thing we learn in the practice of yoga and meditation, it’s that spirit is to be found in all things – all beings, and all activities – from the most holy to the most mundane – and in each moment.

In Kundalini Yoga, we have a mantra for reminding,  invoking, and stoking this powerful light within ourselves, as part of a practice or as a meditation.  Enthusiastic chanting of “Har!” can often be heard in these classes, and they are some of the most transforming and liberating for everyone there.

It may look a bit funny in print, especially if you’re unfamiliar with this, but when a group comes together to make this primal sound, and releases themselves into this concept of all Creation constantly creating – and being a part of that wondrous, all-encompassing energy – you definitely get it.   Every cell begins to vibrate with beautiful, expansive light of spirit. Limitations are removed, perceptions are freed, and possibility is unleashed as you understand the greatness and vastness of your unlimited potential as you walk around this planet – and beyond.

So along with sharing my hobby of crafty decor and natural living ideas, I realized today that the essence – my most important driver – should also be included here – this tangibly intangible “LIGHT” that is … the inspiration!

I came across a video today that inspired me – about a young woman who exemplifies this light, and the infinite potential and possibility we each hold.   I shared it here on my Facebook page.

Check it out, and do tell:  What inspires you?  What helps you understand your unlimited potential?

Love and light,

Samadhi  ✸