Green Tomato Lime Cilantro Salsa

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My son, Mighty O, will be starting at a very cool, very small school this Fall. We’ve had lots of interesting experiences with education already in his young life (perhaps more on that later…), though we are very excited about this one!  This school follows an outdoor-oriented program that is similar to the forest schools of Scandinavia and the American Pacific Northwest, with a very hands-on learning approach that also includes lots of music and performing arts.  If I were the type to ever say, “Squeeeee!” – well, it might be now.

At any rate, the school maintains a wonderful garden, which is tended by the students during the school year and once a week through the summer months.  A very nicely-producing young tomato plant was uprooted by a well-meaning child at our last visit, and the green tomatoes on the bush were begging for a use. I grabbed them to make a tomatillo-style salsa or chutney, which could come in use for the school’s Fall festival, where they serve food from the garden’s bounty.  Like most summer gardens, there’s an abundance of  green tomatoes that end up going to waste at the end of each season – and the usual Southern fried green tomatoes, while tasty, can get old pretty quick.   So using my usual method for whipping up a tomatillo salsa, I gave it a whirl.

Green Tomato Lime Cilantro Chutney


2 Cups Green Tomatoes (if large, coarsely chop)Green Tomato Chutney Food Processor

1 Yellow Onion, coarsely chopped

1 Lime, juiced (just cut & squeeze it)

Fresh Cilantro Leaves, separated from stem, to taste (I used about 7-8 stems)

Jalepeno, to taste (Since this group includes children, only used 1/2 jalapeno. For me, I would use the whole thing.) 

Salt, to taste (I used about a teaspoon)

Directions:  Add all of the ingredients to a food processor or blender.  Using the chop or blend setting, pulse for a few seconds each until the mixture reaches the desired texture.  Store in a clean container to refrigerate or freeze.  (I love glass Ball jars since they are so multi-purpose around the house, and vintage-y cute.)


Green Tomato Chutney Ball Jar

Voila! That’s it. It’s so easy and so delicious! Tangy, fresh, and healthy – AND uses up what otherwise might get thrown out or left to go back to the land in your garden.  As my husband says, like a new-age hunter, I believe in using every part of the vegetable – let no part of a plant go to waste!

Hope you enjoy! Please share how yours turned out – would love to hear about your own recipes for green tomatoes.


Love and light,

Samadhi ✷


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